IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. I am working with several suppliers around the Philippines that offer used enterprise grade equipment as a cheap alternative for your deployments.

Feel free to contact me for any of the following:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies - UPS (1-15KV, Single Phase, Three Phase)
  • UPS Batteries (new and used) of different form factors (e.g. 5V/12V with 5 to 9Ah capacity, F2 Terminals)
  • Data Cabinets / Racks (12-47RU)

I can also support with deployment of single and three phase systems including proper installation of electrical and protective grounding.

Vertiv/Liebert MTPLUS and GXT4 1000-300VA
Vertiv/Liebert, MTPLUS & GXT4 enterprise UPS (1000-2000VA) including INTELLISLOT Network Management Cards
GXT4-2000RT230: IS-UNITY-DP net mgmt card running IS-UNITY_7.5.0.0_00060
Seamless integration into LibreNMS for health and availability monitoring of all GXT series UPS systems via IS-UNITY-DP net mgmt cards (SNMPv2+3 supported)
Battery replacement of a Vertiv/Liebert GXT3-5000-RT230
Removing the AC input filter of a Vertiv GXT4-1500RT230
Single phase deployment of Liebert GXT3-5000RT230 and Liebert GXT3-10000RT230 including INTELLISLOT network management cards and electrical grounding
Deployment of an IBM data cabinet with redundant power backup.
A Liebert GXT4-10000-RT230 after cleaning, ocular inspection and replacing of both battery banks. Ready for 48h stress test. 
Ocular inspection of a Liebert GXT4-10000-RT230.
First bank of a Liebert GXT4-10000-RT230 after replacing all batteries.
Second bank of a Liebert GXT4-10000-RT230 after replacing all batteries.
Liebert GXT4-10000-RT230 ready for stress test.