GetaFIX: Connect your BBS, Cable TV Operator or Fiber Optic ISP to a Philippines based Internet Exchange!

Hi folks, meet #GetaFIX; the #CarrierNeutral #InternetExchange in #Luzon! It's backed by world-class support and offers all the amenities you'd expect of a standardized #IXP such as geo-redundant #BGP #RouteServers, a #LookingGlass implementation, an #AS112 blackhole service, free #PrivateVLANs for

Cost-efficient Virtual Machine Clustering with Proxmox VE for SMEs and Enterprises

Proxmox VE is a web based, open source hardware virtualization platform based on Debian GNU/Linux. It allows for virtualizing unmodified guests using the kernel based virtual machine (KVM) which is the native implementation of hardware assisted virtualization that's embedded